Friday, February 12, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day

Yesterday I put wall art up in Sam's room, finally. We've lived here almost five months! I should explain that I'm rather lazy about such room details; I'll arrange furniture, paint walls & decorate surfaces but generally the walls & windows remain naked. The nursery is the only room I have put forth the effort to truly decorate as I feel it is important to have a beautiful, peaceful setting for our little one to grow & thrive. I also straighten her room throughout the day so it will be neat whenever she naps. A tidy room allows the energy to flow better, which aids in good sleep.

We are in her room right now, for her late morning milk snack which preludes a nap of sorts, generally in my arms. Sitting here in the corner glider, rocking her as she drinks, I'm admiring her room. The sun is pouring in under the partially lowered shades, extra sparkly
from all the snow we've had this week. The few items I put up on the walls - framed photos, memory board, fairy print - add such a level of visual warmth that the beauty & peace of this moment is washing over me, filling the room.

The world is a chaotic place, full of suffering and hardships: wars are being fought, earthquakes are rumbling the ground, nations are arguing over developing nuclear weapons, battles are being waged over property, money, power. But inside this little house, in this little room, babe in my arms & at my breast I can't help but feel Life is Beautiful.